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*waking up from a coma* “how many followers do I have”

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THIS. 100 times, this.

Yes please

Dude, this is so well said.

omfg yes
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I have decided that I will reblog this every time it comes across my dash because it makes me laugh until I think I’m going to puke.


When I see hot boys: Please be gay, please be gay, please be gay.
When I see hot gay boys: Please don’t be a potato queen, please don’t be a potato queen, please don’t be a potato queen.

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i hate it when u sharpen ur pencil hella sharp and then right when u put pressure on it, it breaks like wtf pencil do ur job

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when no one in class is ready for the test


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Water is as mysterious and powerful as it is plentiful. In magic spells and rituals water is purifying, feminine, healing and life-giving. In a very real sense water brings magic into our everyday lives. The powers of the element of water are far more than simply symbolic, water is indeed used to cleanse, support new life in the womb and to heal those with a fever, to name just a very few of its myriad uses!

this is so beautiful
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